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Beans iD Verification

Create secure gated offers in minutes to supercharge sales and unlock new audiences.

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  • Developers: Pion
  • Price: Free plan available
Beans iD Verification
  • Beans iD Verification Screenshot
  • Beans iD Verification Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin
    • Works with the latest themes

About the Beans iD Verification

Our verification technology enables you to expand your customer reach and turn visitors into loyal customers with gated discounts. Instantly verify and convert high intent shoppers with targeted offers built just for them. Seamless integration with your website so you stay in complete control of the user journey and who, how, where and when your offers can be redeemed. Capture and leverage verified zero-party data to supercharge customer engagement and build brand loyalty.

Key features

  • Manage and set-up gated offers for multiple consumer groups in minutes
  • Convert and instantly verify billions of potential customers
  • Create a seamless and fully customisable user journey to supercharge conversion
  • Save time and use our no-code display options to drive awareness of your offers
  • Build brand loyalty and reduce basket abandonment using zero-party data segments

Pricing of Beans iD Verification


Free to install


  • For businesses with <50,000 monthly visits
  • 30 student verifications per month included
  • + $1.90 per extra verification


$125 / month


  • For businesses with >50k - <500k monthly visits
  • 100 student verifications per month included
  • + $1.30 per extra verification
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