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SmartBN: Banner Slider

Many Nice Sliders: Simple Fade Slideshow, Image Gallery ...

SmartBN: Banner Slider

App highlights:

    • Works with the latest themes

About the SmartBN: Banner Slider

Banner Slider is a fantastic app that allows you to upload, customize, and display a series of banners as sliders. We support a variety of sliders, including video sliders and Full-Width mode. Aside from that, you can create and preview multiple sliders, assign a link to each banner image, and save a lot of time with the bulk upload feature. Banner Slider works beautifully on all devices (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile).

Key features

  • Create, edit and remove sliders and banners easily.
  • Preview sliders before deciding to show them on front-end.
  • Embedded Code for each slider that you can insert into a liquid file or a page.

Pricing of SmartBN: Banner Slider




  • Create multiple sliders, publish 1
  • 3 media slides
  • 3 free slider templates
  • Unlimited views


$15.99 / month


  • Unlimited sliders
  • Unlimited slides
  • Premium slider templates
Install from Shopify appstore

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