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Autixor captures sales orders in Exact Online WD or Manufacturing automatically and in real time.


About the Autixor

Autixor is easy to set up and takes away the need to manually transfer sales order data into Exact Online Wholesale Distribution or Manufacturing apps. Orders show up in Exact in real time. Autixor will not simply create SKUs or customer accounts when these do not correspond to what is already in Exact - control is in your hands. If orders did not process because info did not match to Exact, once this has been corrected simply select the unprocessed orders to resend to Exact and click submit.

Key features

  • Real time processing of sales orders into Exact WD or Manufacturing.
  • Can send new sales orders to default or specific Exact customer accounts.
  • You can easily select orders to resend if Exact's info needed to be updated.

Pricing of Autixor


$65.99 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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