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Atom Inventory Management

No more guesswork. Purchase right products with optimal quantity driving most sales with least stock

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Atom Inventory Management

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  • Shopify Flow

About the Atom Inventory Management

Purchase in time with least stock level while avoid running out of stock which means loss of sales. With our map you can let staff who do not understand the products to manage purchasing which is critical to a business to take off. Use Kanban board to track all your Purchases on the road and also see how much money is "on the way" which is also your "inventory" which holds your capital. Try our app and only repurchase the right products which drive your sales and profit most effectively.

Key features

  • Smart forecasting to purchase and reorder the right products with right amount
  • Promote the right products with scheduled discounts
  • Maximize your inventory turnover ratio with visible and tangible results

Pricing of Atom Inventory Management




  • Monthly Order < 150
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Purchase Order
  • Auto Discount
  • Home Page Sale
  • Daily/Flash Sale
  • Bundle


$9.99 / month


  • All features
  • Monthly orders under 300


$19.99 / month


  • All features
  • Monthly orders under 500


$49.99 / month


  • All features
  • Monthly orders under 1000
  • ---
  • Shops with monthly 1000+ orders free install with $0.09 per order
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