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Aramex ‑ Infor App

The app is for Aramex Infor (WMS) clients to process their order fulfillment.

Aramex ‑ Infor App
  • Aramex ‑ Infor App Screenshot
  • Aramex ‑ Infor App Screenshot

About the Aramex ‑ Infor App

With the Aramex Infor App, you are directly integrated with Aramex’s WMS (Warehouse Management System). In a few easy steps, you can power up your store to submit order fulfillment requests to Aramex WMS. This serves the need of Shopify customers who have the fulfillment arrangement with Aramex, by enabling them to request the fulfillment of their order deliveries directly from their Shopify Store. This app acts as a gateway between the customer store and the Aramex Infor WMS.

Key features

  • Submit order processing requests to Aramex WMS directly from your store.
  • Retrieve the SO (shipping order) number upon submission.
  • Track the progress over the status of the Order within the App interface.

Pricing of Aramex ‑ Infor App

Install from Shopify appstore

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