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Wizart Visualizer

Wizart's Visualizer boosts sales & engagement for e-commerce stores

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Wizart Visualizer

About the Wizart Visualizer

Elevate your Shopify store! Wizart Visualizer, the leading product visualization tool, empowers customers to see your décor perfectly placed in their own space. Boost sales & engagement with AI-powered technology delivering stunning visuals and an intuitive user experience. Simple 3-step process: 1) upload a photo, 2) choose a product and 3) watch it come to life!

Key features

  • AI-powered Visualization: See products in your space
  • Easy to Use: Get started in minutes with our Shopify app
  • Data Insights: Gain valuable insights on customer behavior
  • Rich Content Tools: Enhance product pages for more engagement

Pricing of Wizart Visualizer


$299 / month


  • Free trial: 14 days
  • SKU limit: 1,500
  • Renders/m: 5,000


$499 / month


  • Free trial: 14 days
  • SKU limit: 5,000
  • Renders/m: 15,000


$699 / month


  • Free trial: 1 month
  • SKU limit: 10,000
  • Renders/m: 30,000
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