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Apruvd ‑ Fraud Management

Accurate decisioning guaranteed to capture ALL legitimate sales and protect you from fraud.

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Apruvd ‑ Fraud Management
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About the Apruvd ‑ Fraud Management

Leave the complexities of fraud to us. Our comprehensive risk management platform provides a customized strategy tailored to address and adapt to your evolving business needs. Rather than over-declining transactions, our fraud prevention solution is a powerful revenue generating engine, allowing you to capture sales that would otherwise be declined. Increase revenue, reduce chargebacks and false declines and gain the assurance that no good customers are left behind.

Key features

  • Guaranteed chargeback coverage and fraud protection.
  • A seamless integration through your Shopify store.
  • Transaction decisioning done for you.
  • Maximize your approval rates and approve all good orders.

Pricing of Apruvd ‑ Fraud Management

Free to install

Install from Shopify appstore

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