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Ap Twices - All-in-one eCommerce Shopify Theme

Ap Twices - All-in-one eCommerce Shopify Theme

Ap Twices – The best Shopify theme for sale | Free version available | Optimized speed & seo, fast loading

Ap Twices – All-in-one eCommerce Shopify Theme is a creative, eCommerce theme trendy for Beauty, Fashion, Furniture, Home Decor, Interior, Single product, event, promotion, ... The great theme is so impressive and perfect with 06+ Creative Home Pages well built-in Apollo Framework 4.0 in eCommerce theme development. And this is on the Best Shopify themes to help you create great-looking profitable marketplace site.

With Ap Twices you won’t be worried about installing, configuring and updating eCommerce Shopify Theme. Everything is automatic! We also have detailed video guides about the whole process Set up & Easy Install any eCommerce Theme Demo in your website store.

Just click LIVE DEMO and you will get much more information you need.

Functional multipurpose Shopify theme with a lovely design


Apollo Framework 4.0 and Ap Twices template have been built on the newest version of Shopify and Boostrap 4.3.1 with numerous unique features.
In addition, there are many new technologies applied to optimize page loading speed as well as your customer experience. This is not only a premium Shopify theme but also a powerful design tool, which helps you to develop expensive websites without spending a lot of design cost. It will be the perfect solution for your current or future Shopify stores. It has all the tools and functions needed to create responsive web pages with great UX / UI and special functions (without installing Apps). In addition, the Ap Twices theme includes a variety of layouts and styles that allow the creation of different structures and meet any specific requirements. Everything you need is included with the Apollo framework version 4.0 as well as the Ap Twices theme.

»HTML builder

Operating on Bootstrap 4.3.1, the HTML builder is a powerful tool for creating content. We created it to for developers, besides entrepreneurs and shop owners can also use them, you just need a basic knowledge of HTML. This tool is in version 1.08 and we will update it constantly, to help you have more options for presenting the content to customers. It is not limited to the ability, which depends entirely on your creativity. Watch the video to know more.

»Free shopify version

We offer a free version so customers can experience the product before buying. This version will have a limited number of functions and support compared to the official paid version.

Metafield integrated

The theme has been integrated with Metafields, so you won’t need to install 3rd party apps to use the theme. You can easily edit theme in Theme settings. We use Metafields for most of the objects in the store: products, collections, pages, blogs, etc. In the near future, there will be many more new features based on Metafields that will be updated to the owner.

Shopify section ready, Drag & drop

The section launched by Shopify in late 2016, helps store owners easily customize the store’s look with drag & drop. In the Ap Twices theme, with the latest version of Shopify, our developer has made even simpler and friendlier customizations that you can customize and reposition for most objects in the theme.

»Shopify’s font library, Google’s font library, Typography options

Ap Twices uses 2 available font libraries, Shopify font (250+ fonts) and Google font (900+ fonts). With simple settings, you can easily and quickly choose the best fonts for your store. In addition, all text content in the theme can easily be customized with the corresponding CSS class.

SVG icon, Icomoon Icon with 80+ pre-made icons

Ap Twices uses the font icon as SVG code to avoid the use of heavy and unnecessary libraries. You can easily download, copy SVG code from sites like Flaticon, Icomoon, Fontawesome, ... and many other font libraries. In addition, our development team has created and built a separate Icon library with some icons for you to use, they are fully listed on the HTML builder page, you just need to click to copy code


Ap Twices is designed to support many different styles for each object (component), with the number of choices can be up to hundreds, we will continuously develop and update more themes. With the creativity of the design team and the developers, we are sure to create more unique and stylish layouts.

  • 05+ Product grid items(1 new)
  • 07+ Blog grid items (2 new)

»100+ pre-designed pages

In Ap Twices, all pages are designed based on Shopify section, with drag and drop support, you can easily add, edit, and delete content without knowledge of code. In addition, for developers, with the built-in HTML builder tool, you can quickly generate HTML snippets to use and customize them.

»1200+ theme options

Ap Twices has a lot of configurations in the theme, which you can easily customize, you can be creative to create new layouts. The ability to customize the theme is very powerful, requires absolutely no knowledge of the code.


»Mobile optimized, Google Rich Snippet Tool, SEO optimized, Lazyload

You can click below to test:

  • Optimized forPingdom speed (83/100),
  • Optimized for Google Speed insight (9x/100),
  • Optimized forGTmetrix (97/100),
  • Optimized forShopify Analyzer(97/100),

Ap Twices is not only a highly customizable theme, it also passes all tests of speed as well as performance (performance) with very high scores. These are true parameters for the demo store without any intervention, so your store can absolutely achieve the same score, even higher. Along with compressing all CSS and javascript code, Lazyload technology integrated in Ap Twices is to delay the loading of images before customers scroll to them, help to speed up website loading, and neither do you. You need to compress the images before uploading them. In addition, the topic is also optimized for SEO


»Fully responsive, Mobile-first design, Multi-Purpose Design, Cross-browser compatibility

Ap Twices is designed to be responsive on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and most different browsers: IE (11+), Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, ...
At the time of launch, we have addressed all issues detected on different browsers.


The powerful function, unique without installing any other application.

»Cookies policy – GDPR ready

The 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation is a provision of EU law regarding data protection and privacy rights for all individuals in the European Union and the European Economic Area. This function is already integrated into the theme without using 3rd party applications.


Suggest (recommend) customers to buy more products together with other existing products when customers access the page to get discounts (incentives, offer). If the customer clicks “Agree”, the proposed product is automatically added to the shopping cart, you can customize the Upsell product as well as the message displayed on the popup. The theme supports showing 1 unique Upsell product on each product page.


Suggest (recommend) more products when customers buy a certain product. The recommended products will appear different for each product, depending on your settings. The theme supports displaying up to 6 cross-selling products per product page.

»Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Customers can use the dynamic checkout button to quickly buy the product they’re viewing. They skip the cart and complete their payment with the checkout method displayed on the button. The button dynamically changes to reflect the customer’s preferred accelerated checkout method.

»Free shipping

You will need to set a minimum order value for customers to receive “free shipping”. When the customer buys enough money, a notice will be displayed

»Delivery time estimate

You enter the shipping and order processing time corresponding to each product (counted by days). This function displays the estimated delivery time for these products to your customers.

»Product notification sold popup

Display of products purchased by customers on the store, the number of products displayed is unlimited.

»Ajax cart, Mini cart

Search suggestions for products based on Ajax. Products will appear when they contain the search terms that appear in product tags, product description or in any product text.

»Ajax search, Autocomplete search

Search suggestions for products based on Ajax. Products will appear when they contain the search terms that appear in product tags, product description or in any product text.

»Compare popup

Compare products, display as a popup

»Wishlist without login

The wishlist function works based on the browser cookies. Light, fast operation regardless of the number of products in your store. In addition, customers do not need to create an account or log in to use.

»Recently viewed popup

The “Recently viewed product” section is designed as a popup with a thumbnail of the product icon appearing at the bottom, the right side of the website in all pages of your store, it helps customers to easily review their recent product with just one click.

»Popup Login

Your customers can easily log in without visiting the login page

  • RTL and mutiple languages support
  • Multiple currencies
  • Smart Megamenu
  • New, hot, sale labels
  • Localizations
  • Quickview
  • Newsletter
  • Popup newsletter
  • HTML5 video ,Product video, Youtube & Vimeo
  • Countdown timer- Deal time
  • Google map
  • 360 Degree Preview
  • Instagram, Social media, Social sharing
  • Promotion announcement bar
  • Sticky header
  • Transparent header
  • Promotional text on header
  • Gallery
  • Lookbook
  • Isotope – Masonry with 2/3/4/5 columns
  • Slick carousel
  • Product list
  • Product tab
  • Testimonial
  • Team member
  • Timeline
  • Unlimited color options
  • Gradient color
  • Go to top button
  • Pre-designed Brand page
  • Pre-designed Our story page
  • Pre-designed FAQs page

»Collection Page

  • Ajax sorting
  • Ajax pagination
  • Ajax filter
  • Numerous product filters
  • Left sidebar
  • Right siderbar
  • Fullwidth
  • Isotope
  • Fullwidth mode
  • Infinite scroll

»Product Page

  • Upsell
  • Cross-selling
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery time estimate
  • Fake viewer count
  • Dynamic Checkout Buttons
  • Previous/Next product navigation
  • Video to each products
  • Related products
  • Size chart
  • Low stock alert
  • Soldout alert
  • In coming alert
  • Waitlist popup
  • Affiliate product
  • Specific tabs with unique content
  • Classic
  • Scroll fixed
  • Left thumbnails
  • Right thumbnails
  • Slide layout
Note: Our image sources:
  • Furniture
  • Digital
  • Fashion
  • Event
Customer stores:

Change log: 01 Nov 2019: [Update] Variant select in Quickview carousel [Add] Settings to re-order blocks in megamenu [Add] Popup coupon code in the collection page 31 Oct 2019: Update item and tags at Themeforest 28 Oct 2019: Release theme