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Get your shop connected with Amplitude with one-click integration and track key customer events.

  • Amplitude Screenshot
  • Amplitude Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin

About the Amplitude

With Amplitude, empower your teams with self-service insight into what investments to make, what products and customer actions lead to outcomes, and where to double down. Go beyond surface-level data like page views and clicks, and analyze detailed behaviors, user attributes, channels, and more. Deep dive into data with segmentation to optimize your store and marketing campaigns. For detailed installation instructions, please visit Amplitude Developers documentation and look for "Shopify App"

Key features

  • Automatically track browse and purchase actions in Amplitude.
  • Analyze cart engagement, product popularity, and more on Amplitude.
  • Server customers better and boost your revenue with customer insights.

Pricing of Amplitude

Install from Shopify appstore

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