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Robosize: AI Size Recommender

AI size chart and virtual Fitting room for finding perfect fit with a few clicks and reduce returns.

Robosize: AI Size Recommender

App highlights:

    • Works with the latest themes

About the Robosize: AI Size Recommender

Robosize helps your customers find the right size with a few clicks; so your customer can buy with confidence. You’ll see increased conversion rates and decreased cart abandonment rates due to size hesitancy when your customers use Robosize. Your customers will now see what the perfect size looks like on their unique body shape! They no longer need to buy multiple sizes or guess about a size hoping that it fits!

Key features

  • Accurate fit recommendation from basic questions like height, weight, and age
  • Machine learning powered fitting room with optional parameters like fabric & cut
  • Customizable questions and recommendation methods
  • Product based size optimization
  • Fit one item and it will automatically show right size for all store products

Pricing of Robosize: AI Size Recommender

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