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Nabu for Google Ads Pixel

Google Ads Tracking with 1-click install of Google Pixel. Enhanced Conversions & Upsell Tracking.

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Nabu for Google Ads Pixel

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About the Nabu for Google Ads Pixel

Manual Google Ads Conversion Tracking often results in unwanted errors. Google Ads also updates conversion tracking codes regularly & maintaining changes can quickly become a nightmare. Editing theme files also requires technical know-how. AdNabu's conversion pixel app for Google Ads has a 1-click installation of Google's tracking code via Google Tag (Gtag). We constantly update the code based on Google's changes and ensure Google Ads Tracking is always accurate.

Key features

  • Fix tracking errors like duplicate conversions & missing conversion values.
  • Enhanced conversions support - send first-party data in a privacy-safe way.
  • Post Purchase Upsell Conversion Tracking, Track Shipping & Taxes accurately.
  • 1-click integration with Google Ads. Support for Agency/MCC accounts.
  • No technical background required - No code change or theme file edits.

Pricing of Nabu for Google Ads Pixel


Free to install


  • Free for less than 10 orders a month
  • 1-click automatic pixel creation
  • Error-free conversion tracking
  • Purchase tracking
  • Enhanced conversions


$19.99 / month


  • Everything in Freemium+
  • Post-purchase tracking
  • Add to cart tracking
  • Begin checkout Tracking
  • Checkout Extensibility
  • Priority Support
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