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Advanced Shipping Rates

Advanced Shipping Rates lessen the struggle of computing shipping costs based on multiple criteria.

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Advanced Shipping Rates
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  • Advanced Shipping Rates Screenshot

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  • Shipping rates calculator
  • checkout Shipping rates

About the Advanced Shipping Rates

Advanced Shipping Rates allows you to set shipping charges based on the destination city, postal/ZIP code, or state. Next, you can tell the app to calculate the charges conforming to the product weight, total cost, or quantity. Whichever criterion you choose, you’ll have the option to set the minimum and maximum values and prices. On checkout, the customer’s address is compared against your settings, and the shipment is calculated. If no match is found, the default cost is applied.

Key features

  • Specify the shipping zones by city, state, zip/postal code, and country.
  • Calculate rates based on the cart’s weight, total price, and quantity of items.
  • Offer free shipping on minimum spend and add specific dates.
  • Specify free shipping products.
  • Specify not shipping areas.

Pricing of Advanced Shipping Rates


$12 / month


  • Unlimited Shipping Rates
  • Unlimited cities, states, zip codes, and countries
  • Zipcode Ranges
  • Zipcodes Prefix
  • Default Shipping Price


$15 / month


  • Basic Plan's Features
  • Free Shipping with Schedule
  • Free Shipping Products
  • Specify not shipping areas


$20 / month


  • Advanced Plan's Features
  • Product Page Estimated Shipping widget
  • Cart Page Estimated Shipping widget
  • Coming soon
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