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Admetrics Profits

Unlock your financial potential with advanced profit and loss tracking

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Admetrics Profits

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About the Admetrics Profits

Admetrics Profits enables you to effortlessly track your store performance and calculate profits by synchronizing marketing and operational expenses, providing comprehensive reports. Monitor expenses such as ad spend, COGS, shipping fees, or transaction costs. Access this data unified in compelling dashboards and eliminate the need for manual tracking. Get insights on your profits and losses, customer acquisition costs, repeat purchase rate, most profitable products, and contribution margins.

Key features

  • Track your profits and losses with compelling reports and dashboards.
  • Connect your ad spend from Meta, Bing, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, and many more.
  • Track expenses like COGS, shipping costs, transaction fees, and variable costs.
  • Get insights on your most profitable products and understand your CM3.
  • In-depth reporting on new customer ROAS, revenue, repurchase rates, and AOV.

Pricing of Admetrics Profits

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