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8ndpoint ‑ Retention with AI

Forecast customer behavior and create personalized customer segments with our No-Code AI solution

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8ndpoint ‑ Retention with AI

About the 8ndpoint ‑ Retention with AI

Boost sales and customer loyalty with 8ndpoint! We help shop owners: • Increase sales by targeting the right customers at the right time! • Improve customer experiences through personalized campaigns and automated marketing playbooks • Plan ahead to minimize loss to by forecasting customer behavior with 8ndpoint's custom AI models • Optimize business performance through product analysis

Key features

  • Forecast customer behavior and get actionable business insights
  • Create optimized marketing playbooks with AI
  • Identify high purchase intent audiences to maximize conversions
  • View key metrics, such as LTV, AOV, % repeat customers...etc. on one dashboard

Pricing of 8ndpoint ‑ Retention with AI




  • Key retention metrics (AOV, CLV...etc.)
  • Customer segments
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Product analysis matrix (up to 50)


$29.99 / month


  • Basic Plan features and more+
  • Customized customer segments
  • Unlock and export AI forecasts
  • Product analysis matrix (50+)
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