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Business decision system: marketing analytics, business insights for more revenue with less budget.

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

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  • Google Ads
  • GA4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Ads
  • mail chimp
  • klaviyo

About the 1PD

1PD provides business insights that you need to grow your business. We pull data from Shopify, your website traffic, CRM, email & other marketing platforms. We distill this into core metrics and analyses. We present this in marketing P&L and investment decision tree. You can see the cause and effect of marketing to revenue, understand customers' purchase journeys, and track the growth of customers' value. 1PD simplifies your marketing decision, with actionable insights and your trusted data.

Key features

  • Marketing Profit & Loss – cause and effect of marketing
  • Ecommerce business metrics – increasing profit, and reducing operating costs
  • Customers’ purchase journey – understand the role channels in sales
  • Repurchases and customer LTV – track customer growth, and recurring revenue
  • Sales funnel and paid traffic penetration – refine marketing messages & offers

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