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Craftybase ‑ Manufacturing ERP

All-in-one inventory & manufacturing app for maker businesses. Never run out of stock or over order.

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  • 17 Reviews
  • Developers: Craftybase
  • Price: From $24/month. Free trial available.
Craftybase ‑ Manufacturing ERP
  • Craftybase ‑ Manufacturing ERP Screenshot
  • Craftybase ‑ Manufacturing ERP Screenshot

Integrations with:

  • Faire
  • Wix
  • Amazon
  • Square
  • Etsy
  • WooCommerce

About the Craftybase ‑ Manufacturing ERP

One app for keeping track of everything you make, sell, buy, and use. Craftybase is the all-in-one inventory and financial tracker for creative entrepreneurs. Track your entire manufacturing workflow: materials, recipes, formulas, production runs, and product stock - all in one place. With Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) tracking, you’ll always know the exact cost of each product you make. Make better decisions for your business, save time, and breeze through tax time!

Key features

  • Made for makers: Track raw materials, components, recipes, batches, products.
  • Real-time inventory and materials: Never run out of stock or overorder.
  • Pricing Guidance: Set & adjust prices with confidence, even when costs change.
  • Automated COGS Tracking: Make tax time easy with accurate, fully auditable COGS.
  • Powerful reporting: Profit & Loss, Sales & Expenditure, Schedule C and more.

Pricing of Craftybase ‑ Manufacturing ERP

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