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OpenCart Migration App

OpenCart Migration App migrates OpenCart store data to the new platform accurately & error-free.

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    (Based on Shopify AppStore)

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  • Developers: Cart2Cart
  • Price: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
OpenCart Migration App

Integrations with:

  • OpenCart

About the OpenCart Migration App

OpenCart Migration App by Cart2Cart is a next-generation eCommerce migration tool of this kind on the market. It is used by e-merchants all over the world to move OpenCart data to Shopify in hours, not weeks. The extension offers a fully automated migration framework where you’re only asked to provide your Source and Target stores’ details, specify the types of data (- products - customers - orders - reviews - etc. ) you want to migrate, and additional migration options, and that’s it.

Key features

  • The App guarantees the highest security level of your data during the migration.
  • No coding skills or additional software are required to migrate via the App.
  • The App has no impact on your current store, so it won't be compromised.
  • Launch Full database transfer only when you're happy with the Demo result.
  • The App imports the widest list of data if compared with other tools.

Pricing of OpenCart Migration App

Free to install

Install from Shopify appstore

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