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Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory

Bundleup calculates inventory levels of bundles and splits orders into component SKUs after purchase

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  • Developers: mysync
  • Price: $15/month. Free trial available.
Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory
  • Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory Screenshot
  • Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory Screenshot

About the Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory

Bundleup lets you create bundles without the need to edit your theme. You can add options and create multiple bundle versions all from your current admin. The app recalculates inventory of bundles based on component stock levels so you don't oversell. After a bundle sells you can choose to automatically edit the order into the bundle component products.

Key features

  • Sync inventory of bundles based on the component stock levels.
  • Unbundle orders that contain bundle products for correct fulfilment of SKUs.
  • Set to keep bundle order line or remove it from order after processing.

Pricing of Bundleup ‑ Bundle Inventory


$15 / month

Install from Shopify appstore

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