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Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation

Beautiful drop down menu in minutes.Navigate easily through Products, Collections & Pages

Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation

App highlights:

    • Popular with businesses in United States
    • Works with the latest themes

About the Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation

This is not any drop down menu app. You can easily create an advanced mega menu in minutes. Also, we made the menus look really good using the latest design trends. This menu will improve the look of your store. Your customers can add to cart their favourite products & navigate through your categories straight from the menu.

Key features

  • 4 submenu designs: Tree, Simple, Tabbed, Contact
  • Simple menu items or lists linked to any product, collection, page of your store
  • Image on Collections, Products, Blogs, Pages, Custom, Banner
  • Countdown timer, labels, badges, icons, videos to showcase your promotions
  • Multi-language: translate the menu in any language of your shop with 1 click

Pricing of Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation

Install from Shopify appstore

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