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EZ Add Breadcrumbs

Add JSON+LD Schema & breadcrumbs based on menu structure. Add breadcrumb hierarchy on product pages.

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EZ Add Breadcrumbs
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  • EZ Add Breadcrumbs Screenshot

About the EZ Add Breadcrumbs

I believe this is the only breadcrumb app that does breadcrumblist SEO schema up to 5 levels. All other apps I've tested only go 2-3 levels. Do you want to improve the navigational experience for each visitor to your Shopify store? Do you want to create a breadcrumbs hierarchy for Google and people to follow? Then this app is for you! Numerous config options to make it look great. Bread crumb navigation is automatically based on menu structure. You can also add bread crumbs on product pages.

Key features

  • Support sets up breadcrumbs for you.
  • Allows huge number of customizations to breadcrumb navigation.
  • Add breadcrumb navigation based on menu structure.
  • Improves SEO by creating JSON+LD BreadcrumbList Schema based on menu structure.
  • Easy, fast setup with global settings, allow you to set once and use everywhere.

Pricing of EZ Add Breadcrumbs


$4.98 / month


  • Add breadcrumb hierarchy on product pages, based on menu structure.
  • Fast, easy support: we set it all up for you (
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