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Display store traffic data in real time and distinguish user-value to help brand operate better.

  • BrandAI‑Audience Screenshot
  • BrandAI‑Audience Screenshot

About the BrandAI‑Audience

Audience displays real-time traffic data and classifies users by their values to support your personalized strategies. With multiple dimensions, such as time, index and source, you will see what is happening in each link of the store. By comparing all categories of users, you will know who is the most important. By showing historical data trends, the latest traffic changes are in front of you. With a comprehensive and intuitive data display method, you can operate your store more conveniently.

Key features

  • Freely view multi-dimensional data.
  • Accurately and intelligently classify users by their value.
  • Respond to traffic data within one minute.

Pricing of BrandAI‑Audience

Install from Shopify appstore

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