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Reward visitors, boost retention, and close the sale with gamified loyalty campaigns!


App highlights:

    • Works with the latest themes

About the Boomio

Boost customer loyalty, retention, and sales through gamification. Drive engagement and make sales with gamified discount code pop-ups. It’s a fun and engaging way to incentivize customers to interact with the brand, spend more time on e-shop, and make repeat purchases. With Boomio you can increase customer loyalty, grow your business, and promote upcoming sales! The platform provides real-time analytics for data-driven decisions to optimize sales and marketing strategies.

Key features

  • Create specific mini-game campaigns for an e-shop that fit business goals.
  • Increase repeat purchases and retention with integrated loyalty program.
  • See real-time analytics allowing to make data-driven decisions to your strategy.
  • Have your e-shop listing on Boomio mobile app with dedicated ad space.
  • Create campaigns with flexible rewards and rewards expiration reminders.

Pricing of Boomio




  • Try out Boomio main features for FREE! Try the functionality and see the benefits firsthand. Monthly order limit: 50 orders.


$49 / month


  • Try out the basic Boomio features without breaking the bank or when your business is just starting out. Monthly order limit: 500 orders.


$119 / month


  • For businesses that want to take their loyalty system to the next level and are ready to onboard more customers. Monthly order limit: 2000.


$399 / month


  • For when you want to go limitless and get the best ROI on loyalty. Great for when you have 2000+ customers.
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