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Rekaching Subscriptions

Increase sales with subscription purchase options and bring a steady cash flow. Kaching~Kaching!

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Rekaching Subscriptions

Integrations with:

  • Checkout
  • Themes
  • Product Page
  • Cart
  • Thank you page
  • Customer portal

About the Rekaching Subscriptions

Why choose us? Really easy to set up with our user-friendly and clear preview. Integrate customer portal to your customer's account, thank you page, and email. Increase LTV and build a further relationship with your loyal customers. Support multi-language. (sottoscrizione, abonnement, suscripción, subskrypcja, tilaus, inscrição, prenumeration, abonelik, předplatné, สมัครสมาชิก, 订阅, 定期購買, 신청, الاشتراك) 24/7 live chat support, we are always with you.

Key features

  • Configure flexible subscription plans and offer subscription options
  • Choose and customize your own widget style
  • Customer Portal for self-management of the contract
  • Email notification and retry billing for failed payments

Pricing of Rekaching Subscriptions

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