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WebRex Multi Announcement Bar

Maximize Engagement with Webrex: The Ultimate Bar for Promotions, Countdowns, and Targeted Campaigns

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  • 440 Reviews
  • Developers: Webrex SEO
  • Price: Free plan available. Free trial available.
WebRex Multi Announcement Bar
  • WebRex Multi Announcement Bar Screenshot
  • WebRex Multi Announcement Bar Screenshot

App highlights:

    • Use directly in Shopify admin
    • Works with the latest themes

About the WebRex Multi Announcement Bar

Boost your store's impact with Webrex, the all-in-one bar for promotions and targeted campaigns. From Countdown to Free Shipping Bars, customize effortlessly for both mobile and desktop. Utilize GEO and device targeting to optimize engagement and conversions. With the Contact Bar, easily build your email list for future promotions. Set up in minutes, no coding needed, and enjoy dedicated support to maximize your success.

Key features

  • Multiple Position, Multiple Bar, Multiple Animation with Full Customization
  • Bar Type: Promotional & Countdown Bar, Add to Cart, Email Bar, Free Shipping Bar
  • Animation Type: Regular, Moving Multiple Bar, Carousel Slide
  • Set Diffrent Content & Design for Mobile and Desktop, Fully Customization
  • Targeting: GEO, Device, Page & Source Targeting and Scheduling

Pricing of WebRex Multi Announcement Bar

Free Plan



  • Unlimited Impression
  • Promotional Bar
  • Countdown Bar
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • All Targeting
  • Live Support


$3.50 / month


  • Multiple Position
  • Multiple Bar
  • Contact Bar
  • Add to Cart Bar


$4.99 / month


  • Multiple Position
  • Multiple Bar
  • Analytics data
  • Contact Bar
  • Add to Cart Bar
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