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AMP ‑ Shop Sheriff AMP Pages

Create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to improve speed, pass Core Web Vitals, and Boost your SEO

AMP ‑ Shop Sheriff AMP Pages

Integrations with:

  • Google AMP
  • AMP
  • Look Reviews / Yotpo Reviews / Reviews / / Shopify Product Reviews / Conversio Reviews / Okendo Reviews
  • Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Facebook Pixel / AMP Analytics
  • PWA
  • Amped pages (accelerated mobile pages)

About the AMP ‑ Shop Sheriff AMP Pages

AMP by Shop Sheriff is officially recommended by Google to create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on Shopify. These are mobile-optimized pages that are cached and pre-loaded by Google, to load instantly and boost your SEO. AMP pages also allow you to pass Google's new Core Web Vitals. Use our intuitive AMP page-builder and dozens of integrations to quickly generate your mobile-optimized AMP pages and receive a significant boost in SEO once your AMP pages are indexed.

Key features

  • Improve SEO - as page speed is a core ranking factor
  • Pass mobile Core Web Vitals due to AMP's caching and instant-loading nature
  • AMP your Home page, Blogs, Collections and Products with a powerful page-builder
  • Enjoy dozens of AMP integrations with features like Reviews, Tabs, & more
  • Capture more organic visitors with an improved presence on search engines

Pricing of AMP ‑ Shop Sheriff AMP Pages

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